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Compassionate Client Centred Care 


Senior Home Care in Metro Vancouver, BC

Community Support Services

About Us

Learn more about our company, what inspires us to serve, and how we aim to fulfill our mission of helping others

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Our Mission

We aim to help you continue living independently in the comforts of your home by reducing hospital readmission, delivering client-centred non-medical home care, and enhancing your quality of life.

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Our Vision

To be the chief provider of quality in-home care, health management, and non-medical mental health care services in Greater Vancouver and its surrounding areas.


Our Passion

At Peachtacular Home Health Care, we have always been dedicated to serving the elderly members of our community. Seniors have helped shaped us into the individuals that we are today, wholeheartedly raising us and sharing their experiences and wisdom with us. It is our sincere wish, therefore, to give back to the seniors in our community through our home care services.

Certified Metro Vancouver Home Health care 

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Quality Non-Medical Home Care


Through our professional staff and exceptional Home Health Care Vancouver, we strive to enhance the overall quality of our clients' health and well-being. We are here to help you stay safe, independent, and comfortable in your own home.

What makes us the best home caregivers in Vancouver?

We work around the clock

Our caregivers operate on a 24/7 basis, which means that we will avail ourselves whenever you need us, regardless of time or day.

Personalized and private care

We guarantee comprehensive care in an environment that you are familiar with and most comfortable in.

Reliable caregivers

All our Vancouver palliative caregivers are highly skilled and are registered, and are thereby able to perform any task diligently and responsibly. In addition, given all the years that we have been in providing health care, we have learned a lot and we promise to apply everything in your case.

We offer comprehensive services

We offer a variety of home care services that are geared to help the patients feel loved and special, and thereby boost their well-being. We will ensure that you are also living a happier life like everyone else around you.

Talk to our care manager in Metro Vancouver to find out how they can help you improve your life. If you have any questions for us, just give us a call, and our very able team will attend to you right away.

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