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The Basics of First Aid for the Elderly

caregiver giving first aid to senior

Many of people are well-educated in First Aid Treatment, but did you know there is a separate treatment for the elderly?

Of course, it is understandable that the elderly have different needs than us and that they are part of a smaller number of people in our society. They are some of the most vulnerable and they need utmost care and attention when they are in pain or in distress.

To give proper care to the elderly, you don’t need special knowledge other than the basics of first aid (including cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR).

Here are the different ways to give first aid to the elderly:

  • Falls.There are many causes for falls that come with age, including vision problems, difficulty balancing, and lower body weakness.For minor falls, help the elderly find a comfortable position. Elevate the injured part of their body to ensure that minor bumps and bruises are treated. It also helps to apply an ice pack. However, for major falls, do not hesitate to call for help immediately.
  • Cuts.As our body ages, our skin weakens as well, making us more vulnerable to cuts, scrapes, and bruises.For minor cuts, clean the wound with tap water. Wrap the wound in a clean bandage or cloth if it is bleeding and apply pressure to the wound. Make sure that the injured area is raised above the elderly’s heart level.

    For severe cuts and heavy bleeding, call for emergency help immediately.

  • Stroke.Stroke is common with the elderly. If you notice an elderly having a stroke, which includes drooping of the face, weakness of arms, and difficulty speaking seek medical help immediately.

We are reminded that our elderly in the society is weaker and so it is our job to ensure that they are kept safe and healthy to the best of our abilities. As a provider of Home Health Care in Vancouver, BC, Peachtacular Home Health Care definitely has only the best possible care in mind for your dear loved ones. As a Senior Home Care in Vancouver, our compassion for the elderly population will surely be seen in our care for your senior loved one.


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