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Getting Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Just because you are getting older it does not mean that you have to leave your home to get care at some nursing facility somewhere because we are a private affordable home health care service that has your best interested at heart. As home health care in Metro Vancouver, we offer a number of services … Continue reading

10 Ways to Get an Awesome Home Care Aide for Your Loved One

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being caught up with your work and you can’t even find the time to be with your elderly parents and attend to their needs? This situation can be particularly stressful for you because you’ll be bugged worrying about the welfare of your parents who are left at home; … Continue reading

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Home Care Support for Your Loved One While You’re at Work

Your senior parents shouldn’t be left at home all on their own. Someone should at least be with them to supervise and attend to their needs. It’s definitely not possible to be with your senior parents most of the time without having to sacrifice your family, social, or work life. Opting about sending your loved … Continue reading

Making a Decision about End of Life Care

When a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, discussions about end of life care can be difficult. However, no matter how uncomfortable the air might be in your family, end of life care options need to be examined and considered. It is at this point in time that your loved one needs the … Continue reading

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How to Find Out When a Senior Loved Needs Assistance

The decline in physical and cognitive abilities are natural parts of aging. People who enter their golden year’s experience changes that affect their capability to deal with a daily routine. While some people find it easy to adapt and keep pace with the changes brought by the progression of age, others find it difficult. How … Continue reading

Taking Good Care Of A Loved One With Dementia

Taking care of a loved one with dementia may seem like a very frustrating task that can get emotional at times. Dementia is the broad definition of the deterioration of a person’s mental abilities, and as their condition gradually worsens it can terribly get in the way of their daily activities. We understand that families … Continue reading