Companion Care in Metro Vancouver

The days you spend at home won’t be in solitude any more. You’ll always have someone to talk to and to keep you company.

Companionship is a program at Peachtacular Home Health Care (PHHC) that creates a sense of belongingness for the client. Although old age, disability or illness may set us apart from the community to a certain point, it should not be so. When stricken with health issues, companionship is even more important to prevent further health complications in the patient’s condition. Are you able to provide the companionship that mom, dad or your grandparents need?

When you have so much on your plate already (kids to take care of, a household to run, a career and endless errands, etc.), we know that you won’t have time to be there for your loved one 24/7.

However, Peachtacular Home Health Care (PHHC) can provide the necessary companionship for an aging or disabled loved one while also giving family members like you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Our companions will be there for your family and will provide Home Health Care in Metro Vancouver such as:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Assist with crafts
  • Birthday reminders
  • Help with sewing
  • Maintain calendar
  • Play cards and games
  • Read aloud
  • Review the day’s activities
  • Take walks together

Our Personal Support Worker or Caregiver will provide our client with a strong sense of family. Taking interest in our client, their life and their environment will create an everlasting bond. We will do everything to make our client happy like playing their favorite board game or card game, reading, taking a stroll or visiting with friends and neighbors, and exercise like fitness dance program. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Attendant/Driver Service

If mobility is a concern, our caregiver can attend any function, appointment or errand with client. Like a family gathering or shopping, our client will have added security of someone to lean on. Depending on arrangement, travel is by taxi or the caregiver’s vehicle. Our caregiver keeps the client’s schedule so the important appointments are not forgotten.

To request for Companionship services from Peachtacular Home Health Care (PHHC), please call 778-859-2695. We look forward to becoming guardians of your health and well-being at home.