Personal Care

One on One Personal Care in Metro Vancouver

Peachtacular Home Health Care (PHHC) has personal care staff who will provide standby assistance for your loved one during morning and evening routines.

One on One Personal Care is most ideal for patients who are:

  • Elderly
  • Home-bound
  • Medically-fragile
  • Disabled
  • Bed-Bound

Our health issues are just one factor of living but it should not be where our whole lives are focused. If you feel like providing personal care can make your lives at home easier, we hope that you will turn to us for help. Peachtacular Home Health Care (PHHC) has provided the essential caregiving services through the Persona Care Program and it has enriched so many lives in the community.

Personal Care that we provide to ensure cleanliness and maintained clients dignity.

  • Medications assistance by reminding the client to take medications, and opening containers for the client;
  • Transferring assistance; wheelchair to bed vice versa; seiling lift;
  • Personal hygiene care grooming, nail care, hair dressing, picking out coordinated outfits, help getting dressed or applying makeup.
  • Eating and meal preparation, feeding
  • Oral hygiene and denture care;
  • Toileting and toilet hygiene;
  • Taking and recording temperatures and weights;
  • Administering emergency first aid management;

Our Caregiver places the best interest of our client at heart when providing Home Health Care in Metro Vancouver.

To request for Personal Care from Peachtacular Home Health Care (PHHC), please call 778-859-2695. We look forward to becoming guardians of your health and well-being at home.