4 Ways You Can Show Your Love to Your Elderly Loved Ones

seniors woman with caregiver

This is not only incredibly frustrating for the people around us, but for us as well. We want to tell the people we love how much they mean to us, how much we’re grateful to have them in our lives, but we can’t muster the words to say it. If you’re facing this kind of dilemma, Peachtacular Home Health Care is here to help you out. Here are ways you can show how much your elderly loved ones mean to you:

  1. Spend time with them Setting aside time for someone—no matter how busy you are—is perhaps the most priceless thing you can do for someone. Being there for your elderly loved ones physically and emotionally will not only be good for their health (socializing can greatly uplift a senior’s well-being), the gesture itself sends a message that goes without saying: you care for them and you’re there for them.

  2. Listen to what they aren’t saying A lot of the elderly would rather opt not to say what’s bothering them since they don’t want to burden the people taking care of them any further. If you feel like something is off, try to carefully observe your elderly loved one. Broach subjects that you think might be bothering them and gently coax them into telling you what’s on their mind, however don’t pressure them. Just let them know that you’ll be there to listen when they’re ready to talk about it.

  3. Swap life lessons Older adults have loads of stories to tell, all they need is someone to listen to them. If you really aren’t that close with your elderly loved ones, now’s your chance to know them better. Ask about what they were like when they were kids and compare it to your childhood. Ask them about the things they would change about their life. Don’t forget to keep them up-to-date with what’s going on in your life too!

  4. Make them feel included We all went through situations where we felt excluded and we all remember how terrible it felt to be in the outside of the group, looking in. Whenever there’s an event, be it a small get together or a huge family reunion, make sure that your elderly loved ones know about this and accompany them if they’re up for it. Being around people is good for them, especially if said people are close to their hearts.

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