Caring for the Elderly with Hypertension

Caring for the Elderly with Hypertension

The elderly suffer from many complications as they advance in age, and one of these diseases is hypertension or high blood pressure.

There are many factors that can cause hypertension. These include lifestyle, genetics, and perhaps, aging itself. What is certain, however, is that by the time people age in grace, there are plaque deposits in their blood vessels caused by cholesterol that force the heart to pump harder to deliver blood to the body.

This mechanism triggers high blood pressure.

When you’re rendering senior home care in Vancouver, you must make sure that you’re considering this condition as a special need. People with hypertension need to be afforded personalized care, which comes with specific tasks for the caregiver.

For instance, a professional giving home health care in Vancouver for hypertensives will need to closely monitor their blood pressure. Thus, there must be a blood pressure tester handy at all times. Your charge’s blood pressure could rise unexpectedly, and you must be able to detect that early on so that he or she can be given appropriate aid.

Home care services in Vancouver also need to take into account the elderly’s diet. They must avoid foods that can aggravate existing hypertension, like foods high in cholesterol. Instead, they should eat foods that are rich in high-density cholesterol, which can remove plaque deposits, like eggs.

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