Maintaining Engaging Conversations With Seniors

Conversations contribute to a lively experience at home or anywhere else. These simple moments can be especially simple to some of us - vulnerable members of society - who long for company and social stimulation.

Our seniors may have lesser opportunities to have conversations when they have to stay at home or when they live independently. Whatever the reason, our care providers include making these friendly chats to positively improve their stay.

Conversations with the elderly can have unique details considering their health and other conditions. To prevent miscommunication, here are some ways to engage in positive talks:

  • Start with a shared topic.

Whether you have the same experience or shared favorite, starting with a common ground can open the conversation in a friendly and relaxed manner.

  • Give them time to speak.

Let them share their thoughts with you and encourage them to continue. Show that you are listening to them by asking questions, motioning for agreement, and laughing when applicable.

  • There will be differences in opinions but keep an open mind to their perspective.

Instead of directly negating them, ask for more details about how they came into this belief or thinking. Speak clearly and remain in a safe environment where both sides can share with confidence.

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