Making Mealtimes Easier for Patients with Alzheimer’s

Taking care of people with Alzheimer’s is challenging, most especially in letting them take their meals. Maintaining a familiar routine and serving them their favorite foods can surely help not only them but their caregivers, as well. It is important to let them have an expectation and feel more relaxed for a smooth mealtime.

Here are some ways caregivers can apply to encourage a smooth sailing mealtime:

  1. Make sure to set the eating area conducive and quiet. Turning off the gadgets and TV is advised.

  2. Instead of filling their plate with a variety of food choices, offer one food option at a time.

  3. Be patient and give them enough time to finish their meal. Never rush them.

  4. Mealtime is a brilliant opportunity for interaction. Setting the mood with a warm environment, cheerful smile, happy tone, and a well-modulated voice can indicate joy and positivity, encouraging a good mood.

  5. Make sure to cut their food into small pieces and cook their food soft enough for them to chew and eat.

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