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Unhealthy Habits Seniors Need to Avoid


The more people age, the more they experience changes in the body. And these changes can mean having one or more health problems in the next years to come. As home care assistance providers, we worry about seniors getting sick.

Despite this possibility, many of the elderly still do things that are dangerous to their health, needing more intense senior home care. They do things that make them weaker and that contribute to the development of diseases, and they are the following:

  • Sedentary lifestyle

When seniors do not engage in any physical activity, chances are their bodies will weaken, and their mobility will lessen. Overweight and obese people can get more prone to diabetes, bone conditions, and other serious health problems.

  • Unhealthy food intake

Food choices have significant contributions to a senior's well-being. Choosing the right food to eat keeps them healthy. And caregivers can prepare nutritious meals for them.

  • Tobacco

Smoking kills, and that's a fact. It affects not only the person smoking but also the people around who can inhale the smoke.

  • Alcoholism

Occasional drinking is okay, but heavy drinking is the cause of many diseases, such as liver cirrhosis and cognitive function impairment.

  • Poor medication management

Skipping medications, taking unnecessary drugs, and depending on pain meds are usual occurrences in seniors. These can be detrimental to their health and put them at risk of drug resistance and overdose. Elderly care home professionals can help them receive proper care and medication assistance.

The elderly must stop these unhealthy habits to maintain wellness, and enjoy the remaining years of their lives with effective Home Care Nursing.

Peachtacular Home Health Care can provide those services. For inquiries about Home Health Care Vancouver, do not hesitate to contact us.

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